Genuine Leather Moto Jacket
Genuine Leather Moto Jacket
Genuine Leather Moto Jacket
Genuine Leather Moto Jacket
Genuine Leather Moto Jacket
Genuine Leather Moto Jacket
Genuine Leather Moto Jacket
Genuine Leather Moto Jacket
Genuine Leather Moto Jacket
Genuine Leather Moto Jacket
Genuine Leather Moto Jacket RESTOCK - Vintage Hope Boutique

Genuine Leather Moto Jacket

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  • The softest and most comfortable genuine leather jacket EVER!
  • You truly will not want to take this off!
  • True to size.
  • Elise is wearing her true to size medium.
  • Washed and weathered leather. Due to the nature of the leather, there may be some areas of the jacket that are more weathered than others. This is to be expected and only adds to the jacket's character. 

From the designer:

As a natural grown product each leather garment is unique. Washing and special treatments as such as handpainting, waxing and oiling increase this uniqueness. All tanned animal hides are unique in their composition, their thickness, in the way they react to dyeing and processing. Irregularities of the hides like pigmentations marks, vein marks and insect punctures are characteristics which attest to the authenticity of the leather. Deviation in colour, crimpling of the seams, colour abrasion at the edges, individual painted seams and are areas of individuality. Leather garments should be protected from intensive source of light. A certain colour abrasion should be considered normal.

Sustainability + Mauritius

Slow Fashion
A leather jacket is a high quality, durable slow fashion product and can be worn for many years. Each jacket is carefully handcrafted and is a special piece of clothing due to the uniqueness of the natural material leather.

Origin of the leather
We only accept leather from animals that have been bred for meat production, so our leather is a by-product of the food industry. As a matter of principle, we do not use exotic, threatened or endangered species. 

Vegetable tanning
There are different tanning methods, the best known are chrome tanning and the vegetable tanning method. The naturally occurring element chromium is an important component of the human organism. Small amounts of non-toxic chromium, such as chromium III, can therefore always be detected in the skin of humans and animals.

Chrome tanning is a fast tanning process, but there is a risk that the non-toxic, stable chromium III salts will oxidize under certain conditions, such as heat and moisture. This can result in chromium VI, which is considered allergenic and carcinogenic.

In order to prevent this, the Mauritius Group started to switch parts of the delivery to vegetable-tanned leather in 2014. The vegetable tannins are extracted from wood, bark and leaves.

Since spring 2021, we have been tanning almost entirely vegetable-based without the addition of chromium salts in accordance with the European DIN standard EN 15987: 2015. This uses the strict chromium limit of 0.1% of the material weight (mass of chromium / total dry weight of leather) in order to exclude the addition of chromium salts. Deliveries that exceed this value will be refused by us. 

Mauritius tests both the leather and all accessories continuously for pollutants by independent test laboratories.   Twice a year, the German Fashion Association, of which we are a member, prepares the current RSL (Restricted Substances List) and thus publishes the legislative requirements. Our jackets are tested on the basis of these current specifications. 

Social and human rights
For the Mauritius Group, social responsibility is an integral part of the company philosophy. Important aspects are decent working conditions and compliance with social standards in the production facilities. Any form of discrimination, exploitation, forced labor and child labor will not be tolerated under any circumstances. 

Our producers are members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and are therefore committed to complying with the BSCI Code of Conduct.

The BSCI unites international companies with the aim of improving social standards and occupational safety through a global control system. This means that we only accept suppliers who have been audited and certified within the framework of the BSCI and who are regularly checked for this.

Further developments
We are not satisfied with what we have achieved, which is why a sustainability team is constantly developing new and sustainable ingredients for our leather clothing.

Finally, we can proudly announce that we have been a member of the LWG (Leather Working Group since April 2021. We work together to improve manufacturing methods. Together with other international companies and organizations, also across industries, we can effectively form an alliance to protect the environment. 

Fabric Content:  100% Leather
Measurements taken flat (in inches).
S:  Bust 18"       Length 22"         Bottom Width 17.5"
M: Bust 19"       Length 22"        Bottom Width 18"
L:   Bust 20"       Length 23"        Bottom Width 19"
XL: Bust 20.5"    Length 23.5"      Bottom Width 19.5"

2XL: Bust 22"     Length 24"        Bottom Width 21"